Choice Time is devoted to self-exploration by the students: students set an intention for this time of day based on what they'd like to do. The range of activities is broad. They can explore, practice, create, build, master, play, or contemplate inside or outside, with peers or alone. The choices both inside and outside are endless. Inside includes a library, a wide-range of materials for building and creating, props for pretend play, musical instruments, math resources, science experiments, and games and puzzles in a variety of spaces. Outside offers fields, the brook, woods, and our outdoor workshop. Students may work on or with something brought from home, such as riding their bikes or pretend play with stuffed animals; something started during morning Journey work, such as exploring microscopic organisms in brook water or continuing work on a drawing; something they have worked with and enjoyed for many afternoons, such as soccer games or joining friends at the Lego box; or something new, such as exploring the lower field after flooding or stamping names with hieroglyph stamps. As well, we offer many optional Choice Time experiences for Woodland students, both on and off-campus. Recent offerings include drawing lessons, robotics, weaving, an introduction to French, and pottery lessons. Choice Time has been included in the program because Woodland respects students' abilities to decide how to spend their time

and recognizes the need for time to follow their passions.