Dear Family and Friends of Woodland Community School,

At Woodland, we believe the best learning happens when students explore ideas and topics they are passionate about with caring and engaging adults who meet them where they are and journey with them. This is no simple task – it takes committed students and dedicated teachers. It takes volunteers who share their interests and expertise. And, it takes the generous financial support of families, friends and alumni.

I encourage you to follow the exciting things happening at Woodland by visiting our NEWS page.  Whether it’s seeing how students use rain events to explore science and math, learning how we’re working with our new readers, hearing which trails our students traveled, or finding out which instruments students are exploring, you’ll be energized to know all that’s happening at Woodland!
Please consider joining the Board by making a gift to Woodland this year. Your gift makes a real difference to our students, and allows us to continue to move forward, shifting the way education is manifested and remembered, one student at a time.

Thank you for your consideration,

Rob Constantine
WCS Board President

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Woodland's Wishlist

Over the years we have received countless supply donations that enhance our everyday life at Woodland - from upcycle building materials to high tech blenders!  We cannot thank our community enough for such incredible generosity! If you would like to be part of giving to Woodland in this way, please consider items from our wishlist below. Feel free to contact us with specific questions!


  • hot glue sticks
  • balsawood
  • variety of nails (finish, brads)
  • sandpaper (variety of grits)

Little Stuff:

  • c-clamps for woodworking projects
  • small woodworking vice
  • large woodworking vice
  • 2 hand drills (manual, not power)
  • safety glasses (children and adults size)
  • 2 coping saws
  • 2 -3 block planes
  • plastic squares -triangle and framing
  • 2 foot level
  • 2 wooden rulers
  • chalkline
  • whisk
  • swiss vegetable peelers

Big stuff:

  • Shop-Vac