The Great Melt has begun

Just a reminder that this Saturday, March 28th from 2-4 is Woodland’s annual Open House! 

All families and students are welcome to be here to meet and greet prospective families, answer questions about your experiences in the program, and give tours of the school space, inside and outside.  We look forward to spending the afternoon with you!

Happy Birthday, Lily!

Journey choosing process is ongoing and the topic tags still remain are:

  • Medieval Times

  • 20th Century America

  • Make it Move!

  • I.D.A (I'll Do Anything Tag)

Woodland students had an opportunity to join a middle school PE class at Profile School on Wednesday with students developing leadership skills through the Project Venture Program.  We played games that boosted our heart rate, learned how to find our pulse, calculated our heart rate and target heart rate, and measured how hard we were working and playing on the Borg’s Scale of Perceived Exertion.

Popsicle Stick Bridge and Gooey Gumdrop House Architecture challenge was offered during Free Choice on Tuesday. For the bridge construction there was opportunity for planning, construction, design, and teamwork to meet requirements of load, stress, and aesthetic. The bridges were made with a maximum of 200 popsicle sticks, could span 14 inches, and had to hold a minimum 5 pound weight. Students could work independently or with a team and were given the option of going online for a maximum of 10 minutes to gain some understanding and ideas.  The resulting bridges built were all variations of beam bridges... come check out the results! 

Building Gumdrop Houses was a project for the younger kids. They built their houses large enough to accommodate their gummy bear "family" using principles of geometry for strength. Their houses were two story, one story, pyramids, cubes, cantilevered, had outdoor shrubs and fires, etc. So much fun!

The first installment of the Harry Potter Book Club met on Wednesday during Reading. Cole, Tess, Luca, Heidi, Faustine, and Abby joined together to discuss Book 1 : Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone. Tess made chocolate frogs (a specialty from the story), they sorted each other into "houses", picked their positions on the Quidditch team, sorted potions and poisons to replicate what Hermione succeeded at to help Harry, shared their favorite parts in the book, and examined character names to find hidden meaning. Fun was had by all. Plans for the 2nd Harry Potter book club were made: Book Two should be read by the first Wednesday in May!

Recess & Free Choice Happenings:

  • Capture the Flag

  • Soccer

  • King of the (snow)Mountain

  • Building Fairy Houses

  • Swinging

  • Sledding

  • Sliding

  • Climbing Trees

  • Popsicle Stick Bridge Challenge

  • Gumdrop Architecture

  • Harry Potter Book Club

  • Batiking

  • OSE

  • Writing w/ Jessie

  • Nordic Skiing

  • Share

  • Shopping at the Coop

  • Open House Prep

Have a great day and we hope to see you on Saturday!



We went Luging at Lily's grandparents house!

Journey is wrapping up this week! We have had an amazing time exploring Ancient Civilizations.  The energy, creativity, engagement, and projects have been really lively and dynamic: 

  • Pompeii
  • Samurai
  • Egyptian Social Order
  • Ancient Castle
  • Atlantis
  • Ani cooked us a delicious chickpea curry dish

Recent Happenings at Woodland

  • Conferences 
  • Other Business
  • Science with MJ got goopy! Making Silly Putty led by Harper
  • OSE: Microbiology, Art History, Double Digit Multiplication, Place Value, & Grammar Club
  • Writing with Jessie
  • Trip to the Hood Museum!
  • Atlantis Documentary 
  • Harry Potter Book Club
  • Gal-Pal-Pow-Wow
  • Nordic Skiing
  • Indoor fort building (fort is an understatement)
  • Luging!

Circle this week is a lively game of Steal the Chicken...this game tends to make Farmer Tim a little nervous, but it's a favorite among the students and teachers alike.

As we wrap up Journey this week the students will begin their portfolio process and prepare for presentations.


Ancient Civilizations

Wow...Wow...Wow! Ancient Civilizations Journey is dynamic! We have such a lovely balance of building, creating, exploring, and researching- it's a blast! The caliber of clean-up "mess" after Journey is the perfect sign of how well this Journey is going! Please stop in and see all the hard work.

Journey projects:

  • Lost City of Atlantis
  • Diorama of Pyramids
  • Catapults 
  • First Castle
  • Greek Play into an I-Movie
  • Egyptian Afterlife and Egyptian Social Ladder
  • Egyptian Cooking (Ani has a list of ingredients she needs for her curry on the mudroom door, can you help her out? Thanks!)
  • Celtic Roundhouse
  • Egyptian Mudhouse
  • Mummification Process

Journey Activities:

  • Making Platonic Bodies
  • Pythagorean triangle addition
  • Anubis Drawings
  • Sweet Pyramid Challenge (math focus)
  • King Tut Movie

Recess this week the students have shaped the snow piles lining the driveways into a Kingdom, and they have created an original game called Castle, complete with a King, Queen, Knights, servants, and more! This is played at each recess and is looked forward to each day! 

Free Choice this week incuded:

  • Science with Mary Jo involved duct taping your child(ren) to the kitchen table vertically!!
  • OSE w/ a creative writing activity at M-Zo
  • Skating!
  • Skiing at Ski Hearth Farm
  • Abby & Faustine's I-Movie 
  • Share (kittens!) 

Winter Wonderland

We wrapped up our Winter Wonderland Journey with presentations, which is a perfect time for interested students to share what they worked on and for the rest to practice being an audience and experience what others did. 

Portfolio has been completed and in the time remaining many chose to sharpen skills such as math, reading, or writing... if they were not involved in the dance! The dance is a very exciting Journey project that involves most of our students. They have been working hard choreographing, learning their routine, practicing, making a playlist, and making costumes.

Students generated new Journey ideas (3-5 ideas or curiosities) and today groups rotated through the library to create categories from these many ideas... Journey choosing process is underway!

Morning circle this week was a fun team-centered ball passing game. Passing the ball in a circle to the left, to the right, over the head, or under the legs-or a combination! Lots of laughs, chains balls, and teamwork.

Recess this week was very exiting for Tye, Finley, Luca, Harper, and Pilot because they worked hard excavating chunks of frozen colorful snow and ice from their snow caves. They even offered a tour of their treasures during Free Choice. Others enjoyed sledding, twirling on the small ice patch by the tree, or playing Cone.

Free choice offerings:
-Abby's Winter Olympics were a blast! Sledding, skating, and cross-country skiing.
-Writing with Jessie
-Skiing at Cannon

This week Read Aloud groups have shifted to accommodate the needs of various students. Lily will continue to read to our younger students, and she now welcomes Luca and Pilot! They just finished South Pole Pig. Mary Jo is reading with the older girls and they have wrapped up poetry.  Carolyn has welcomed back her group of older boys and they are eagerly finishing the second Maze Runner so they can begin the second book in the Eragon series.

Enjoy your weekend,

The teachers

A Community Quilt and iMovie Interim

At the end of November, Sylvie's quilt was completed just after her first birthday!  The photo here features some of the participants who made squares for the quilt.  Our youngest quilter was six years old, and the level of skill was amazing all around! 

Our interim during Journey choosing process was iMovie.  Students were paired up and worked together to create an original iMovie.  First the pairs work together to create and illustrate their storyboard answering the Who, What, Where, Why, and When questions. The next step was to find and make props and setting ready and to think about staging, lighting, and sound. Students took many clips and scenes of their movies, which came together in iMovie when editing took place. This was such a fun project!

Our current Journey is Winter Wonderland!

Free Choice Happenings:
-Marble Run creations
-Writing with Jessie
-Soccer in the snow
-Tess led an interactive experience about Hanukkah 

Plants and Snow!

Plant Journey is in full swing!  Even though the plants are dying back, and today are covered with snow, the kids are exploring plants in ways that are different than if it were spring and new plants were arriving. Some Journey projects this week:

Oh, how the first snowfall at Woodland makes magic! The tree's are covered with snow and the kids are throwing it, molding it, eating it, and playing soccer in it. Pilot even made snow carrots for Journey today!

  • Biology of Honey Bee's and Pollination

  • Pumpkin Pie: A focus/research project on the plant based ingredients

  • Growing a fairy house

  • Plant based art

  • Herbalism: Soap and Floral Waters

  • Beavers and How they Build Dams

  • Venus Fly Traps

  • Tea Making

  • Ancient Greek Ship Building (using plant based material)

  • Ancient Greek foods

  • Tribes that make their homes in Trees

  • Drawing Veggies & Sculpting Veggies from snow

  • Cutting plants to see what happens

  • Making a book about plants

  • Terrariums

  • Planting seeds at different times and recording data 

Students took a trip to the Littleton Library, The Healthy Rhino, and The Little Herb Shoppe for books and supplies.

What happens when a student is without a project? This happens sometimes for a minute, for a day, or sometimes for multiple days. Students can explore the Journey topic with a teacher, peer, or parent; explore the many bins of books provided about the topic; brainstorm, write or draw ideas; observe other projects in process; or sometimes just sit with the idea and wait.  It is amazing (to my adult brain) how our students are capable of creating a project to which they are connected in their own time and with their own design.

Free Choice happenings this week

  • Writing with Jessie

  • OSE (2nd Trimester Goals chosen this week!)

  • Tess, Cole, and Abby cook breakfast-yum!

  • Thanksgiving Meal planning

  • Painting

  • Bead/Jewelry Making

  • Crafting Christmas Gifts

  • Soccer

  • Snow fun!

  • Science with Mary Jo -crayon melting

  • Share: Scorpions, Tarantulas, and Army Ants!

  • Captain's Calling (this weeks morning circle game was so much fun they played in Free Choice)

  • Drawing

  • Reading

School News:
***A note went home this week about Skiing & Swimming programs***

***Cole is showing GMO OMG on Tuesday, November 25th at 12:30pm. This is open to students 10 years and older with a signed permission slip from parents. Parents and community members are welcome to join this movie showing. This movie is conveying the dangers of GMO products, which is Cole's Journey project focus.***

***Narratives went home today! Next Tuesday and Wednesday are conference days***

Enjoy your weekend,
The Teachers

Beavers Leave Their Mark At Woodland

Yesterday, Journey brought us all out on a Beaver-Dam-Exploration. Yes, the beavers have done quite a job on our crab-apple tree which is sad, but it has been exciting to watch the progression. Students went out in the marshy field and found over 10 beaver dams. They were so excited about the findings. We were also interested to learn that this week's full moon is called a Beaver Moon.

We have a new Journey!  The students have chosen "Plants" yet again.  Ideas are brewing and projects are developing. This is an exciting time for all of us.  Before Plants was chosen were were in the discussion process, which can take minutes, days, or weeks.  In the interim researched to learn about spirit animals. With this learned information we delved into a Miro style art project that involved steps to develop an abstract art piece. Students first created a picture of their nature animal using black sharpie marker and then colored in closed portions with crayon. After these steps they used watercolor to color over the entire picture. The final was a beautiful and colorful abstract piece that portrayed their nature animal.

Free Choice offerings and happenings this week:

  •  OSE
  • Teddy Roosevelt presentation at the Littleton Senior Center
  • Science with Mary Jo
  • Forest School
  • Beaver Dam Exploration
  • Yonah's birthday muffin making and eating
  • Finley's offering: Making mini-paper-creatures
  • Share
  • Writing with Jessie
  • Yoga with Faustine

Have a lovely weekend!

The teachers