Happy Monday everyone,

Last week wrapped up our first Journey, Building and Mechanics, and students worked on their Portfolio. Portfolio is a process that provides student with an opportunity to step back and see what they have done and reflect on their projects through a series of steps and meaningful questions. 

In between Portfolio work we had a Strategy Game Journey period and a Build Your Own Fort, Grab a Book, and Read Journey period. This was lots of fun for us all. It was neat to see which students are the builders/engineers in our group and which ones wanted to quickly get their fort up to get to the good part-reading! 

Farmer for the Hour brought students out the the fields to pick spinach. Lots of spinach needed to be harvested. With their bounty a few of them brought the farm to the table with a yummy spinach and egg frittata. 

A special Thank you to everyone who helped out Tess with ingredients for her Paris Presentation. Friday she transported us all to France!

Free Choice happenings...

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  • Reading Maze Runner
  • Forest School
  • OSE
  • Writing with Jessie
  • Haunted Barn practice

Thank you, have a great week! The teachers