Plants and Snow!

Plant Journey is in full swing!  Even though the plants are dying back, and today are covered with snow, the kids are exploring plants in ways that are different than if it were spring and new plants were arriving. Some Journey projects this week:

Oh, how the first snowfall at Woodland makes magic! The tree's are covered with snow and the kids are throwing it, molding it, eating it, and playing soccer in it. Pilot even made snow carrots for Journey today!

  • Biology of Honey Bee's and Pollination

  • Pumpkin Pie: A focus/research project on the plant based ingredients

  • Growing a fairy house

  • Plant based art

  • Herbalism: Soap and Floral Waters

  • Beavers and How they Build Dams

  • Venus Fly Traps

  • Tea Making

  • Ancient Greek Ship Building (using plant based material)

  • Ancient Greek foods

  • Tribes that make their homes in Trees

  • Drawing Veggies & Sculpting Veggies from snow

  • Cutting plants to see what happens

  • Making a book about plants

  • Terrariums

  • Planting seeds at different times and recording data 

Students took a trip to the Littleton Library, The Healthy Rhino, and The Little Herb Shoppe for books and supplies.

What happens when a student is without a project? This happens sometimes for a minute, for a day, or sometimes for multiple days. Students can explore the Journey topic with a teacher, peer, or parent; explore the many bins of books provided about the topic; brainstorm, write or draw ideas; observe other projects in process; or sometimes just sit with the idea and wait.  It is amazing (to my adult brain) how our students are capable of creating a project to which they are connected in their own time and with their own design.

Free Choice happenings this week

  • Writing with Jessie

  • OSE (2nd Trimester Goals chosen this week!)

  • Tess, Cole, and Abby cook breakfast-yum!

  • Thanksgiving Meal planning

  • Painting

  • Bead/Jewelry Making

  • Crafting Christmas Gifts

  • Soccer

  • Snow fun!

  • Science with Mary Jo -crayon melting

  • Share: Scorpions, Tarantulas, and Army Ants!

  • Captain's Calling (this weeks morning circle game was so much fun they played in Free Choice)

  • Drawing

  • Reading

School News:
***A note went home this week about Skiing & Swimming programs***

***Cole is showing GMO OMG on Tuesday, November 25th at 12:30pm. This is open to students 10 years and older with a signed permission slip from parents. Parents and community members are welcome to join this movie showing. This movie is conveying the dangers of GMO products, which is Cole's Journey project focus.***

***Narratives went home today! Next Tuesday and Wednesday are conference days***

Enjoy your weekend,
The Teachers