Beavers Leave Their Mark At Woodland

Yesterday, Journey brought us all out on a Beaver-Dam-Exploration. Yes, the beavers have done quite a job on our crab-apple tree which is sad, but it has been exciting to watch the progression. Students went out in the marshy field and found over 10 beaver dams. They were so excited about the findings. We were also interested to learn that this week's full moon is called a Beaver Moon.

We have a new Journey!  The students have chosen "Plants" yet again.  Ideas are brewing and projects are developing. This is an exciting time for all of us.  Before Plants was chosen were were in the discussion process, which can take minutes, days, or weeks.  In the interim researched to learn about spirit animals. With this learned information we delved into a Miro style art project that involved steps to develop an abstract art piece. Students first created a picture of their nature animal using black sharpie marker and then colored in closed portions with crayon. After these steps they used watercolor to color over the entire picture. The final was a beautiful and colorful abstract piece that portrayed their nature animal.

Free Choice offerings and happenings this week:

  •  OSE
  • Teddy Roosevelt presentation at the Littleton Senior Center
  • Science with Mary Jo
  • Forest School
  • Beaver Dam Exploration
  • Yonah's birthday muffin making and eating
  • Finley's offering: Making mini-paper-creatures
  • Share
  • Writing with Jessie
  • Yoga with Faustine

Have a lovely weekend!

The teachers