Winter Wonderland

We wrapped up our Winter Wonderland Journey with presentations, which is a perfect time for interested students to share what they worked on and for the rest to practice being an audience and experience what others did. 

Portfolio has been completed and in the time remaining many chose to sharpen skills such as math, reading, or writing... if they were not involved in the dance! The dance is a very exciting Journey project that involves most of our students. They have been working hard choreographing, learning their routine, practicing, making a playlist, and making costumes.

Students generated new Journey ideas (3-5 ideas or curiosities) and today groups rotated through the library to create categories from these many ideas... Journey choosing process is underway!

Morning circle this week was a fun team-centered ball passing game. Passing the ball in a circle to the left, to the right, over the head, or under the legs-or a combination! Lots of laughs, chains balls, and teamwork.

Recess this week was very exiting for Tye, Finley, Luca, Harper, and Pilot because they worked hard excavating chunks of frozen colorful snow and ice from their snow caves. They even offered a tour of their treasures during Free Choice. Others enjoyed sledding, twirling on the small ice patch by the tree, or playing Cone.

Free choice offerings:
-Abby's Winter Olympics were a blast! Sledding, skating, and cross-country skiing.
-Writing with Jessie
-Skiing at Cannon

This week Read Aloud groups have shifted to accommodate the needs of various students. Lily will continue to read to our younger students, and she now welcomes Luca and Pilot! They just finished South Pole Pig. Mary Jo is reading with the older girls and they have wrapped up poetry.  Carolyn has welcomed back her group of older boys and they are eagerly finishing the second Maze Runner so they can begin the second book in the Eragon series.

Enjoy your weekend,

The teachers