We went Luging at Lily's grandparents house!

Journey is wrapping up this week! We have had an amazing time exploring Ancient Civilizations.  The energy, creativity, engagement, and projects have been really lively and dynamic: 

  • Pompeii
  • Samurai
  • Egyptian Social Order
  • Ancient Castle
  • Atlantis
  • Ani cooked us a delicious chickpea curry dish

Recent Happenings at Woodland

  • Conferences 
  • Other Business
  • Science with MJ got goopy! Making Silly Putty led by Harper
  • OSE: Microbiology, Art History, Double Digit Multiplication, Place Value, & Grammar Club
  • Writing with Jessie
  • Trip to the Hood Museum!
  • Atlantis Documentary 
  • Harry Potter Book Club
  • Gal-Pal-Pow-Wow
  • Nordic Skiing
  • Indoor fort building (fort is an understatement)
  • Luging!

Circle this week is a lively game of Steal the Chicken...this game tends to make Farmer Tim a little nervous, but it's a favorite among the students and teachers alike.

As we wrap up Journey this week the students will begin their portfolio process and prepare for presentations.