Ancient Civilizations

Wow...Wow...Wow! Ancient Civilizations Journey is dynamic! We have such a lovely balance of building, creating, exploring, and researching- it's a blast! The caliber of clean-up "mess" after Journey is the perfect sign of how well this Journey is going! Please stop in and see all the hard work.

Journey projects:

  • Lost City of Atlantis
  • Diorama of Pyramids
  • Catapults 
  • First Castle
  • Greek Play into an I-Movie
  • Egyptian Afterlife and Egyptian Social Ladder
  • Egyptian Cooking (Ani has a list of ingredients she needs for her curry on the mudroom door, can you help her out? Thanks!)
  • Celtic Roundhouse
  • Egyptian Mudhouse
  • Mummification Process

Journey Activities:

  • Making Platonic Bodies
  • Pythagorean triangle addition
  • Anubis Drawings
  • Sweet Pyramid Challenge (math focus)
  • King Tut Movie

Recess this week the students have shaped the snow piles lining the driveways into a Kingdom, and they have created an original game called Castle, complete with a King, Queen, Knights, servants, and more! This is played at each recess and is looked forward to each day! 

Free Choice this week incuded:

  • Science with Mary Jo involved duct taping your child(ren) to the kitchen table vertically!!
  • OSE w/ a creative writing activity at M-Zo
  • Skating!
  • Skiing at Ski Hearth Farm
  • Abby & Faustine's I-Movie 
  • Share (kittens!)