Oh, the ghouls came out for Halloween at Woodland!

Haunted Happenings were a blast...

  • Treasure Hunt (an group of olders created this adventure for the youngers!)
  • Donut on a String Challenge
  • Haunted Barn (terrifying this year!)
  • Limbo

This week we finished up the Portfolio process and began the Journey choosing process. Many ideas came together to narrow down the choices to the following remaining categories.

  • Bakin' and Makin'
  • Flying Machines
  • Plants
  • Theatrical Arts

We encourage you to discuss these topics and generate some project ideas with your child(ren). Help them expand the idea and come up with ideas they may not have thought of. 

During the interim between Building and Mecahnics Journey and our next Journey, we have been spending a lot of time outside on the Woods Trail for Forest School.

Forest School this week looked like this:

  • roasting apples on a fire (the apples were well done!)
  • fort building
  • Meet a Tree
  • Stalk Walk
  • Wind and the Willows
  • The Whole Enchilada
  • Spider Web
  • Hand Shadows

Free Choice happenings this week...

  • OSE
  • Writing with Jessie
  • Baking (healthy) Donuts -A Special Thank You to Susan for helping in the kitchen!
  • Reading The Scorch Trials
  • Haunted Barn Practice
  • Home Plate Baseball

Have a great week and Happy Halloween!

The teachers


Happy Monday everyone,

Last week wrapped up our first Journey, Building and Mechanics, and students worked on their Portfolio. Portfolio is a process that provides student with an opportunity to step back and see what they have done and reflect on their projects through a series of steps and meaningful questions. 

In between Portfolio work we had a Strategy Game Journey period and a Build Your Own Fort, Grab a Book, and Read Journey period. This was lots of fun for us all. It was neat to see which students are the builders/engineers in our group and which ones wanted to quickly get their fort up to get to the good part-reading! 

Farmer for the Hour brought students out the the fields to pick spinach. Lots of spinach needed to be harvested. With their bounty a few of them brought the farm to the table with a yummy spinach and egg frittata. 

A special Thank you to everyone who helped out Tess with ingredients for her Paris Presentation. Friday she transported us all to France!

Free Choice happenings...

  • Home-Base Tag
  • Reading Maze Runner
  • Forest School
  • OSE
  • Writing with Jessie
  • Haunted Barn practice

Thank you, have a great week! The teachers