Survival Journey!

We have our first Journey of the year: Survival! Ideas are beginning to solidify into projects and the energy of students and teachers alike is on high! Many of the projects are bringing students outside daily to the Woods Trail!

Surviving the Woodland flood of 2015!

Surviving the Woodland flood of 2015!

Here is what was happening in Journey this past week:

  • Library trip to the Littleton Library

    • Woods Trail-building shelters and fire to roast carrots, apples, and sausage

  • Reading “I Survived the Shark Attack!”

Journey Projects:

  • Survival Station on the Woods Trail

  • Debris Shelters

  • Endangered Animals

  • Bow, Quiver, and Arrow making

  • Primitive Hut Model

  • Surviving a Zombie Attack

  • Preparing and Surviving Tornadoes & Hurricanes

Free Choice & Recess

  • OSE

  • Soccer

  • Tree climbing

  • Music Together

  • Tag

  • Frisbee

  • Dangerous Brook Crossing

  • Art with Finley

  • Paper Folding Art with Mia

  • Into the Thicket

The Roots School welcomes Woodland Community School!

On Thursday a group of students headed to Corinth, Vermont to join a Primitive & Survival Skill Specialist, Brad, of The Roots School. Fully engaged, students worked hard and had a blast learning to make a fire from beginning to end. Beginning by safely locating, collecting, and preparing dry wood; building the fire structure and igniting it; and learning the method to end a fire and prevent forests fires. Students learned to make their own cordage from the fibrous dogbane plant.

Forest School

Have your heard: “We went to Forest School today!” ?
Students have the opportunity (in Journey or Free Choice) to join a teacher on the Woods Trail or go out exploring the wild places that surround us. Students play games, build shelters, collect natural materials, look for wild edibles, identify trees, learn about the animals that live in our NE forests, maintain trails, draw/journal, and just play in the woods!


Upcoming at Woodland:

  • Music Together

  • YES Theater: The Secret Circus at The Catamount Theater

  • Roots School

  • Forest School

  • Batiking

  • Dodgeball with the Farmers