How Does a Journey Come to an End? 10/13-10/23/15

Lily edits the monthly calendar. 

Lily edits the monthly calendar. 

After an unspecified amount of time, in this case exactly 4 weeks, the teachers notice that the students' energy on this topic becomes satiated and the overall excitement and engagement on the topic dwindles. Projects come to an end, and students are not always eager to start a second or third project on the same topic. We find ourselves in this position this week! Our survival Journey has been awesome and all good things come to an end! Next week students will have a chance to present their Journeywork to their peers and we will begin a new Interim!

Youngers Adventure! This Friday the Youngers adventured to a new part of the school property and discovered new trails, huge erratics and glacial evidence!

Roots School & Sugar Hill Botanicals

Students returned to the Roots School last and this week to make their own Bow-drill fire kits from scratch, which was hard, satisfying work. They also learned how to make two types of lethal primitive traps. This was amazing! Three sticks and a log/rock create a balancing puzzle that depends on pressure. All the kids were successful at their traps... watch out they may start trying to trap your house cat!

We welcomed Holly Hayward from Sugar Hill Botanicals for a "wild edibles" walk on the Woods Trail. Students had an opportunity to see, feel, and even pick some of the wild growing food that would be available to them if they had to “survive” out in the wilderness! They all returned energetically with wild mint bouquets for their lockers!

Free Choice & Recess

  • OSE

  • Capture the Flag

  • Halloween Party planning

  • Pumpkin Carving

  • Batiking

  • Sewing

  • Reading

  • Flick

  • Orbi Science

  • Art


Thank you Davis Mangold and Ski Hearth Farm for donating 20 pumpkins to our students!

Upcoming at Woodland:

Halloween Festivities & Costumes on Friday, October 30th