Welcome Back! 2015-16

Woodland students enjoy the hot fall weather in the brook!  Welcome back, everyone!

Woodland students enjoy the hot fall weather in the brook!  Welcome back, everyone!

First Week of School & Group-Building Activities:

The first week was filled with renewed energy and excitement to be back at school, be back with friends, and meeting our new friends. We welcomed back 13 returning students and welcomed new students Ori, Yarrow, Linus, Tyler, and Nina to Woodland! The first week we began by making our “space-savers," labeling our cubbies, lockers, and supplies, and our favorite tradition- naming the rooms! Room-naming is a yearly tradition that has students partner up, pick a room out of a hat, and then go to naming the room and creating an original and very special sign to hang up. This year's room names...

  • The Book Room
  • The Muddy Mess
  • Sky Blue
  • The Borange Room
  • The Deep Dark Lair
  • The Woodshop Place
  • The Juicy Wiggle Room
  • Bon Appetite
  • The High Yard View

Group-Building activities such as School Rule Brainstorming (and sharing school rules in a creative way), Have You Ever?, and Good Morning (Name)! Offered an opportunity to learn more about one another and come together in a fun and playful way! Lots of laughs, cheers, and silliness all around.


Our first hike took the whole group up Georgiana Falls! Here are the highlights:

  • Sunny day
  • Rushing waterfalls
  • Picnic on the rocks
  • Splashing in the swimming hole
  • Playing on the “island”

Free Choice & Recess:

  • Soccer
  • Dodgeball
  • Dancing on the Stage
  • Climbing Trees
  • Legos
  • Marble Run
  • Capture the Flag
  • Sword Play
  • Brook Play
  • OSE

Journey time this week was spent in an "Interim" with students working independently to create, in an artistic way, what we did this past summer. Students quietly went to work and in no time at all summer was being recreated right before our eyes... a clay crab, a treasure chest, a sky-high hotel, the ballet, a collage of a tropical island, a canoe trip, hiking excursions, a summer garden, sports events, family outings, and so much more!

What did you do this past summer???

Reading & Read Aloud

Reading after lunch is a part of our day when we can all stop, find quiet, digest, and curl up with a good book or sit back and listen as a teacher reads to us. If you were to walk in at this time, you would see most of us laying about or sitting at a table intently reading our favorite book or hanging out with Mary Jo as she reads this week's thematic selection of picture books. The energy is calm.

Similarly, our day at Woodland concludes with Read Aloud. In Read Aloud students are part of one of three reading groups with their very own reading teacher. The younger students are reading Dr. Seuss and other great rhyming books with Lily. The middle/older girls are reading Keeper with Mary Jo. The middle/older boys are reading The Witches Son.

Upcoming at Woodland:

4th & 7th – Labor Day/ NO SCHOOL

8th – Journey Choosing begins & Music Together

11th – Apple Picking at Green Bough Farm (families welcome!) & Cider Press Pot-Luck from 3-6:30pm