Artist's Bluff Bonding

Woodland Hikers!

Woodland Hikers!

Hiking Artist Bluff & Echo Lake
This Friday we enjoyed a beautiful hike up Artists Bluff and Bald KnobWe enjoyed a breathtaking view of Cannon and Echo LakeAfter the hot sweaty hike, we were all relieved to jump and splash into the cold waters of Echo Lake and have a picnic!

Journey Choosing & Interim

The Journey choosing process is well underway. Each day at the end of Journey we gather together for 20 minutes to discuss our Journey ideas, projects, and opinions on the different topics. By the end of each day the teachers are able to remove 1-3 topic ideas that are “tag-less” meaning no-one's name is on them any longer. We have gone from 20 topic ideas to two ideas: Survival and Engines and Machines!

While we are in between Journeys, we stay in an Interim. After Pen & Ink wrapped up, we started The Woodland Yellow Pages! Each student created his or her own personal ad on a “yellow page." They took an 8x11 yellow piece of paper, measured a 1” margin around the paper (harder than it sounds!) and on half of their paper illustrated their skill and then wrote words or a sentence to explain their skill. Then during Journey students set up stations to share their skill, and students and teachers rotated through stations to learn from their peers. Some of the various skills advertised and shared are:  Learn French, Draw a Feather, Play a Game with Me, Learn to Farm, Pokemon Lesson Come Draw with Me, I Can Teach You How to Read

Farmer for an Hour

On Wednesday’s 6 students pull on their boots and slap on their farmer hat to head out to the fields of Meadowstone Farm! Alongside teacher Jenny they have picked onions and carrots and will take these fresh yummies and cook a delicious and healthy treat for the school!

Free Choice & Recess

  • OSE
  • Soccer
  • Tree climbing
  • Kickball
  • Capture the Flag
  • Music Together
  • World Cup
  • The Hobbit
  • Steal the Ball

Upcoming at Woodland:

  • Music Together
  • Woods Trail Interim (unless we have a Journey!)
  • Capture the Flag: Students vs. Farmers
  • Hiking to Zealand Falls
  • Mary Jo’s Birthday!

This year OSE (Older Student Experience) is under (what teachers like to call) an “Experiment." Instead of two 55-minute sessions per week, OSE has transitioned to 30-minute sessions every day. Older students (typically 10 years and up) can come to as many sessions as they choose, which in any given week could mean one or all five. This also created space for all three afternoon teachers to rotate through OSE, which provides the students exposure to each teacher's strengths and skills. This is still in the “experiment" stage, but so far we have observed and heard positive feedback from the students.