Journey Choosing

Journey Choosing & Interim

On Tuesday after Labor Day, students returned back to school and began the first step in a sequential process to choose our first Journey. Each student made 3-5 Journey tags. Half of a student's tag has his or her original question or specific project idea written on it and the other half has a picture to represent his or her question or idea. There are about 100 ideas! Here is a small sample of what will be narrowed down through the categorizing process and a democratic consensus, to one Journey idea (no small feat!)...

  • How did people begin?
  • How do trees make wind to survive?
  • I want to play on the slide outside!
  • I want to learn the history of Pompeii.
  • How do people stay alive in the wilderness?
  • How do planes fly?
  • I want to learn about Ireland.
  • I want to learn about the ring around Jupiter.
  • What killed the Dinosaurs?
  • I want to learn about my family heritage.
  • I want to learn about early pottery production.
  • I want to make a zip-line from the Woods Trail to the schoolhouse!


Our Interim is Pen & Ink! We are exploring this medium using ink pens and our sketchbooks; inside the schoolhouse we use 7 basic stroke techniques and outside on the forest trail we use nature as our subject! We have designed a "Smarts" poster for our lockers using Pen & Ink too!

Music Together

Tuesdays are Music Together with Caroline Simon! The Youngers had a blast their first week experiencing the Fiddle Collection- “Everything is my favorite part and the singing!” –Linus

Free Choice & Recess

  • OSE

  • Dodge ball

  • Tree climbing

  • Football

  • Capture the Flag

Apple Picking at Green Bough Farm

Wild Apples, cows, a horse, flowers, pigs, bunnies... oh my! We trekked over to Finley and Harper’s family farm in North Haverhill to pick a variety of wild heirloom apples for our Cider Press Potluck... some from the tress and some saved from the ground!  Yum!

Upcoming at Woodland:

  • Music Together

  • The Woodland Yellow Pages

  • Junkyard Traverse

  • Yarrow’s Irish Dance

  • Kickball

  • Hiking

  • Forest School

    September 24th – No School/ Teacher In- service

Thank You!

Thank you families for lending a helping hand and sharing your delicious food on Friday at the Cider-Press Potluck! Our upstairs storage room has so much needed space, the willow saplings were rescued, our soccer goals are almost done, and our school sign garden has been revived- the students and teachers appreciate all of your effort.