The Arts!


Students are working on a variety of projects for our newly selected Journey of Discovery: The Arts. Yahoo! Projects include Irish dancing, paper crafting, creating a solar system, building stage props, making trail signs, designing a soccer jersey, architecture, making posters, working with clay and water colors, researching Scott Joplin and Frida Kahlo, creating a movie parody about the history of Irish dance, and so much more!

Museum visits, dance, music, crafting – if you have a talent or passion you’d love to share with us, we’d love to have you spend time with us!

Upcoming at WCS
Several workshops and field trips are in the works in support of our Journey, The Arts.

Feb1-The Wonder Twins Hip Hop workshop at Creative Edge
Feb 2-Mock Election
Feb 3-Catamount field trip - VT2 Africa

Feb 5-skiing at Cannon (5 of 6)

Free Choice and Recess Happenings!

  • 5000
  • Cribbage
  • Here Fishy Fishy
  • Dancing and Singing
  • Chess Club
  • Games
  • Thinking Putty Club
  • Painting
  • Share
  • Weaving