October Happenings at Woodland

There is a bit of pre Halloween excitement in the air as students make plans for a Woodland Halloween! Pilot, Miles, Tyler and Linus helped Lily make decorative pumpkins using yarn, balloons and glue. Special events this week included a trip to 42 Maple and a visit to the studio of Phil Reader and his "Kool Kinetics. " Students were fascinated by his sculptures and mesmerized by the continuous motion of marbles cycling through Phil's creations.

Farm to Table was busy as students made carrot ginger soup, grilled cheese sandwiches on chia millet bread, and delicious carrot and zucchini muffins to share on our community trail maintenance day. The kitchen was buzzing! Many thanks to the board members and their families, parents, and students who helped us clear logs and trail debris all while having fun in the process!  Tea and homemade hidden veggie muffins waited back at school to thank everyone for their hard work. 

Pilot brought in a magnificent battleship to share, one that he crafted with his grandfather. Many students are involved in the building of an amazing fort behind the school  including a "sale" of handmade weapons and magical wands! The windy days made for some beautiful leaf chasing  and tree climbing - and many enjoyed time outside just to feel the breeze!