No shortage of action at Woodland!

Even though we only had a four day school week, the schedule has been remarkably full! Our Journey of Discovery "Dream It! Design It!" continues with projects of a longer duration, and new projects beginning - such as dreaming up and designing the Halloween Happenings at Woodland. Several students initiated the "Gal Pal Pow Wow" which met for the first time this week. The group drank tea while creating Friendship Wheels and giggling together! Students played with eight foot long wind tubes, experimented with different ways of filling the tubes with air, and even learned a little bit about the Bernoulli Principle in the process. Ski Hearth Farm opened their greenhouse doors to us this week as students learned about curing. We then got to work pulling tops off of onions and prepping them for sale in their farm stand. The onions were then used to saute with apples, sweet Italian sausage, and spinach for delicious pizza toppings the next day for our Farm To Table tasting. Many students chose to attend the Catamount Theater for a program about West African Drumming and Dancing. All students participated in a nonviolent communication activity called Body Mapping, and the workshop was busy with leaf painting one sunny afternoon. OSE students are working on a Presidential Debate presentation, and we rounded out the week with filming an original student scripted movie and making Oobleck! Whew!