Look out Concord, here come the Woodland OSE students!


Tye, Leo and Zoe had a fast and furious trip through Concord, NH, beginning at the State House. Senator Jeff Woodburn rolled out the red carpet and invited students into his office and chatted with them for a bit. He spoke about the history of the State House, alterations that have been made over the years, shared some of his favorite photos depicting what the Representatives Hall and the Senate Chamber looked like in the 1940's, and then gave each of the students a souvenir pen. The group then moved on to the New Hampshire Historical Society where Mary, our wonderful tour guide, showed the students a dugout canoe made by Native Americans in the 15th century that was discovered on the shores of Lake Ossipee. Mary also gave us a sneak peek at a brand new exhibit called White Mountain Art which showcases gorgeous paintings from the 19th century. Our last stop was at the Pierce Manse, the Concord home of President Franklin Pierce. Here, students learned about what it might have been like to live in the 1840's. Their history lesson continued with details of Pierce's rise to the Presidency of the United States, and his subsequent loss of the Presidential nomination to President Buchanan. What a great, historical day!