Shelters, Thrones, and Love Notes?!


Woodland kids took full advantage of all the outside play spaces available to them at school. Paul taught the students how to use tarps to build shelters. Basic knot tying skills fascinated the students, one of whom invented her own knot called the Bulgarian Knot...way to go, Aida! Blue tarps now dot the Woodland landscape around the school and across the foot bridge. Come have a look! Our Journey of Discovery, Castles, has inspired students to build castles with blocks and out of cardboard. Other students are researching historical aspects of castles or writing about King Arthur, while yet another student is curious about what Batman would look like in the full armor of a medieval knight and is sketching just that! The middle school Read Aloud group finished the novel "The Seventh Most Important Thing" and then constructed a "throne" based on the materials and processes used by the central characters in the book. If you have a middle school son or daughter, ask him or her about the surprise revelation at the end of the book! Many students played on our own Woods Trail this week working on forts, discovering sparkly rocks, climbing on boulders and climbing trees. And, lastly,  if all the teachers show up at school in Iron Man suits next week, well, you'll know why!