Happy Holiday's from Woodland Community School!


What a wonderful week was had by all as we spent time outside playing in the snow constructing snow forts and digging tunnels, building a snowman and snow puppy, and sledding, sledding, sledding! The Farm to Table crew cooked up a delicious holiday treat of baked ham, maple butter yams, sweet and savory coleslaw, and gingerbread cookies with cinnamon frosting.  Students wrapped up their work for the Winter Wonderland Journey by putting the finishing editing touches on their writing or filming one more scene for a movie, and Free Choice was filled with play and laughter.  A group  of students spent time preparing and practicing for a Woodland community service activity - caroling around town. They raised their voices throughout Littleton and were well received at Chang Thai, Little Village Bookstore, and the Littleton  Food Co-op. We wish a joyous holiday to all our Woodland friends and families!