March Fun!


Our students are taking pottery lessons at the Littleton Studio School! On Mondays, a group of hand-builders learned the pinch pot technique and created bowls and monster pots. On Tuesday, the throwers got on the wheel and began to learn how to center their clay. At school, The Arts Journey continued with Snow White play rehearsals and prop making sessions, keyboard lessons with the amazing Ross Boyd, and independent projects such as the construction of a model pyramid, building an Archimedes screw, imaginative space play, and painting on canvas.

This past week began our Portfolio process as we are now wrapping up The Arts Journey of Discovery. So, along with pottery classes, volcano building, play rehearsal, costume making, piano playing, submarine building, etc., the students are working on their reflection charts and all the organizing that is a part of their end of Journey portfolio process. The brainstorming and tag making for the next Journey has already begun. Come take a peek at all the idea tags on the library door!

Free choice and Recess

  • Four Square

  • Ice harvesting

  • Tag

  • Icicle play

  • Stage play

  • Playing on the pottery wheels

  • Capture the Flag

  • Popsicle stick bridge building

  • Popsicle stick wands

  • Calico Critters

  • Share

  • Duct Tape a Teacher Challenge

  • Sword play

  • Puzzles

  • Rock Climbing

  • Piano playing

  • OSE

We wrapped up our ski program with skiers and riders celebrating their season of hard work at Cannon Mountain with a full day ski!