Week Two At Woodland

Journey Choosing Process

Students are discussing several exciting options for their first Journey of Discovery for the year. Ideas generated over the past several days include: Draw and Paint, Chemistry, Writing, Survival Skills, Martial Arts, American History, School Play, Human Psychology, Dream It Design It, and Nature. Discussions occur each day as students share their ideas with each other and vote on their interests.





Group Initiative

Team Building this week included Junkyard Traverse! Students were divided into two teams and each team had to figure out how to get from Point A to Point B using clear, concise, and compassionate communication. Cooperative fun was had by all as teams giggled their way across their "junkyards" followed by a period of reflection about what strategies were most successful.




Cider Press Potluck

Thank you wonderful parents for all your hard work and delicious food at our annual Cider Press Potluck! Thank you for your donations to the school, your time as chaperones, and the gift of your children!




Reading, Woodland style!

Reading at Woodland takes many different forms. After lunch each day many students gather in the library or their own special reading nook for quiet reading on their own. Others read one-on-one with a teacher, while yet another group is read to by a different O.S.E. student each day.