Dream It! Design It!

Our first Journey of Discovery is well under way. After sifting through dozens of student generated Journey ideas, and after many discussions, the kids all came together and decided they wanted to pursue Dream It! Design It! On any given morning at Woodland, the workshop is strewn with a variety of tools and sketches as Pilot and Miles bring their designs of battleships to fruition. Olivia works primarily inside as she is trying her hand at writing an original play. Tye dreamed of making a working crossbow and began his creative process  by making a miniature prototype. Zoe is designing a bell tower for the school and is spending time perfecting her design using Sketchup software. Leo is going through the painstaking process of making an exact replica of his head through a multi-step casting process. Cole designed a historically accurate Viking Village and Harper designed a battlefield. Aida designed and created a miniature bowling alley, complete with hand sewn bowling ball bag. These and so many more ideas and projects have come from the imaginations of the students, come in and see for yourself!