A closer look at the "Make It" Journey

Over the past few weeks, we have shared photos and snippets about what is happening during the portion of our day at Woodland that is devoted to the Journey of Discovery. Our movie makers and script writers have been working tirelessly on their filming, even taking a trip around Littleton in the school van in order to gather film footage. They are exploring makeup and props as well as advanced filming techniques and are gaining iMovie computer skills. An added benefit to their Journey is the interpersonal skills they are negotiating as they learn about working successfully in a group.

Several students are choosing to work with Legos. Some are making multi-roomed homes complete with swimming pools and spiral staircases. Others are making battle scenes along with pirates and cannons. Depending on individual skill level, perhaps these students are also adding a story to their Lego tableau as another layer of skill development. We have students using story boards for the first time, drawing pictures and adding descriptive sentences to caption their pictures. This is hard work for emerging writers!

Knitting is ongoing. Our group of knitters began by learning to knit with a row of ten stitches and have worked their way up to knitting a thirty stitch row. Some cosplay costumes are finished, while others will be in the works for weeks. The detail is amazing! Carving and woodworking continue along with the associated skill development with each project, be it beginner or advanced. Kids are coming to school with new ideas every day, from electronics to campaigns raising awareness about wolves, and we continue to arrange for offerings and intensives that support student centered learning. This week we hosted WMSI once again for filming, OSE students explored the corn maze in Danville, VT, Jessie spent a morning quilting with us, Jenny took students all around the Woodland/Adair trails, and we are ending our week with a visit from New Hampshire author and humorist Rebecca Rule. Becky will read a couple of her books and round out her engagement with us by talking about the writing process.