Music, Movie, Mountain, Metal!

Our week began with an expedition to the Hopkins Center in Hanover to see David Gonzales and his Tales from the Latino World. Evidently, several Woodland students were dancing in the aisles and once again, students and teachers took to the stage! OSE students spent a morning at Ships Coy, a forge in Lyman, where they learned and practiced a variety of techniques from blacksmith, Med Chandler. Each student had the opportunity to make his own hand forged hook and the hooks were put together to create a beautiful coat rack. Teachers worked with students in a variety of ways to increase understanding and deepen student learning in areas of their choice. Intern Emma painted The Scream by Edward Munch...on Ani's hair! Three of our students hiked to the Greenleaf Hut with Lily and had an early glimpse of winter weather. Jessie was back for more quilting and Paul was back for the final teepee building workshop out on the Woods Trail. We welcomed Priscilla Whitney to Woodland as a guest music teacher. Priscilla, or "Whit" as she has asked the students to call her, gave lessons on piano, guitar, bass and drums. We hope she will return for more lessons in the future. Rounding out our week on Friday will be a visit from Cameron Shaw-Doran who is visiting us with his drone. Cam will be showing students how the drone works and will then release the drone to fly over the school and the farm and take photos!