I wonder what happens when...


...it's a rainy day at Woodland? 

We play outside in the rain of course! We love splashing in puddles and playing tag in the rain! Miles and Kathy made a measuring stick to measure the depth of the brook and they kept the results recorded on a chart. We were all amazed at how deep the brook was at the beginning of the day, and how many inches it had dropped by the end of the day!


...a student asks to learn how to read?

We teach them, of course! Using a variety of approaches, we meet the child where he or she is at and teach them to read one sound at a time.


...the school day begins?

We begin each day with morning circle. Morning circle takes place outside and brings the entire group of school children together to begin each and every day through a cooperative game and/or activity. Students then go over the plans for the day before beginning Free Choice.


...a child expresses curiosity?

Whenever a child is curious about an idea, we pursue it! Whether it is air propelled race cars, making crystals with borax, creating lava lamps with alka-seltzer tablets or wondering what it would be like to be the author of a book, each student pursues his or her own curiosities in his or her own unique way.


...we have a special visitor?

Students and families alike were rapt with attention when storyteller and musician Odds Bodkin came to Woodland! With his celtic harp, and 12-string guitar, he enchanted young and old alike with his stories of empathy and kindness. Needless to say, one hour was not nearly long enough!