Pioneers Skills, Theatrics, and Building!

Everyone came back to school rested and ready to go after Thanksgiving break! During Free Choice several offerings engaged the students such as making potions and parachutes. Our Profile intern, Emma, ran a Number Shakers workshop while our first dusting of snow created a flurry of sled building. (ha, get it? flurry?) Since music lessons with Priscilla have started on a weekly basis at the school, more kids than ever are practicing piano and trying their hand at a variety of instruments. Wanting to know what it felt like to have a cast on, Ani decided to, well, put a cast on! She layered her arm with strips of plaster cast material and constructed her own sling, though she has no intention of keeping the cast on for six weeks! Tye took to the Woods Trail to build a bridge using all the personalized boards made by families and board members at our Cider Press Potluck. Four students are currently engaged in a Pioneer Skills Journey and they also took to the Woods Trail to learn how to fell a tree after making the proper selection and to split the tree into logs. This along with learning how to properly use a saw and learning about Pioneer history kept this group busy all week. Another group of students is involved in their Theatrical Thespian Journey, making costumes, writing scripts and filming, while yet another group of students has chosen to call their Journey of Discovery Do It, as they work on the wood shop porch carving, drilling and sanding prior to writing about the history of the  medieval weaponry they are creating out of wood. Friday will take us to see Air Play at the HOP rounding out yet another magical week at Woodland!