Short week, long on activities!

Leo is ready for Saratoga Comic Con this weekend as he has just about completed his cosplay costume. The detail work on this costume is impressive as was the amount of time dedicated to its completion during our Make It Journey of Discovery. Have fun, Leo! Some OSE students played games involving proper and improper fractions this week while others worked independently on writing or keyboarding skills. The OSE students chose to go to Evergreen for 90 minutes of Open Gym for their monthly Expedition. Our newly formed MSE group of students, Middle Student Experience, created goals and strategized different ways to achieve their goals. We have students designing and sewing high fashion for their dolls, forts being built, group games, reading...and occasionally, a student simply needs to have a little down time on the bean bags! Rock climbing at the North Country Climbing Center continued as did week number two of music lessons with Priscilla Whitney. Students are learning how to play guitar, piano, drums or ukulele so far. Intern Emma led a paper twirling offering and also a Zentangle offering. Opportunity was abound for fine motor skill development this week! Throw in several doses of the student invented kitty cat game along with chasing teachers around the house and we had a great four days at Woodland!