The Joys of the Season Abound


Our final weeks of the 2017 school year have been filled with festive and fun activities! Fresh snowfall has created a palette for sledding and fort building, along with rolling huge snowballs for huge snowmen. Students trekked to the Woods Trail and harvested a tree upon which they strung lights and all sorts of hand made ornaments. Emma led several jewelry making offerings for those extra special holiday gifts, while Alex taught students how to make gorgeous wreaths using greens and dried flowers. Brent, master of character voices, read Wolf Story to one of our Read Aloud groups. Swimming continued on Thursday mornings and Spanish with Cecily continued on Tuesday mornings. Jessie led a quilt offering and Melissa led a Health Class.

The varied Journey topics included the making of making a Polar Express model, string painting, drawing, and ornament making. Tye is making a light saber from scratch, soldering together lights and circuitry to make his final product. Ori continues to write his page-turning fantasy novel, Leo is writing, directing, filming and starring in his own original Fan Film, while Cole has finished carving the first side of what will be our new Woodland Community School road side sign. Yarrow is composing and writing her own songs and lyrics for an original musical, Ani is practicing her German, and Olivia made a truly amazing wreath. Miles, Pilot, Walter and Tyler are outside daily working on their Pioneering Skills with the goal of building a small log cabin.

Amidst this activity, our wonderful group of parents set aside time in their days to join us for Parent-Teacher conferences, for which we are grateful. The Farm To Table crew is cooking and planning daily and the smells emanating from the kitchen are mouth watering! Our last day of school for the 2017 year will be filled with student cooking and caroling as we feast together and then share in our traditional Secret Santa hand made gift exchange. Wishing you all the joys this holiday season has to offer, we thank you for the gift of your time, talents, and children!