Nordic Ski, Catamount, and Journey!

We don't know what the rest of New Hampshire does the Friday before February vacation week...but here at Woodland, we duct tape teachers to tables and head to Evergreen for Open Gym! We have had a wonderful week of nordic skiing at Bretton Woods and a trip to Catamount to see a musical performance. Students are working on one of three different Journey topics, one of which is Harry Potter. Beautiful and magical wands of all sorts of materials are being created throughout the school. The ever popular Popsicle Stick Bridge Challenge was begun and after break, we will find out which of the students built the strongest bridge by measuring how much weight each bridge holds. The Duct Tape A Teacher To A Table Challenge was met by team Tye, Leo and Nina with resounding success as their taping strategy held up Carolyn for more than twenty minutes! Playing at Open Gym at Evergreen was a great way to spend a rainy Friday afternoon before February break. Enjoy your week everyone!