Improv, Legos, and WMSI

Woodland students have had the opportunity to join in a variety of activities over the past couple weeks! Through the Arts Alliance of Northern New Hampshire, Jocelyn Duford taught an improvisational class to a group of eager thespians who focused on the spirit of cooperation and teamwork among a troupe of actors. Jeremy from White Mountain Science Inc. joined us for several days of working with students teaching them basic programing using WeDo 2.0 from Lego.  Continuing in the spirit of using effective tools to motive and engage students, teachers also offered our own in house Lego Learn To Learn activity which involved each student following directions and attempting to build "Mr. Learnie!" The teacher group is grateful to the staff at Mountain Village Charter School who opened their arms and doors for us for our in-service day. We had yet another successful Winter Program week at Cannon and Altai skiing/showshoeing at school.  Lots of sledding down Woodland "Mountain" rounded out our week!