Because sometimes, we just need to stick colored pencils in our shoes!

This business of learning is hard work! Whether we are stretching our minds or our bodies, working inside of school or outside of school, Woodland students are getting after it. This week invited students to participate in a rock climbing class at White Mountain School along with WMS Outdoor Education students extraordinaire. An all day field trip to Squam Lake Science Center and a trip to Time Quest in Littleton were also on the agenda. Yarrow offered Irish Dance lessons as part of her Journey project and all students participated in our Second Annual Trail Love Day during which we cleaned up the Woodland trails. Our first ever "You Rock" Free Choice all day Wednesday was filled with brook play and a slip 'n slide, solar balloons, balloon rockets, and a pizza picnic. Whether working on Journey projects or learning to read, playing Capture the Flag or whipping up something delicious in the kitchen, students are engaging their minds and bodies in any number of ways. On top of everything else, Woodland students are active community members with four students participating in the Creative Edge Dance recital and a student involved in community theatre.  So, yeah, every now and then, we just need to take a break and stick colored pencils in our shoes!