Rounding out our September at Woodland

Our week began with a field trip to the Hopkins Center for the Arts to see a musical revue titled Dragons Love Tacos! Students had lunch and played games on the green in Hanover after the performance. In support of all the costume making during Journey, another group of students had a visit to the Bread and Puppet Theatre in Glover, VT, where they experienced a first hand tour from Peter Schumann. Peter also taught the students his process for making all the masks for Bread and Puppet. Tuesday was an all day hike and swim adventure to Lonesome Lake. We began a group weaving project and hosted WMSI twice in one week: once for a Makey Makey Workshop and another day for building catapults. The "Make It" Journey of Discovery continues with much costume making and script writing, along with original Lego built projects, the continuation of knitting, paper airplanes, and a new addition to our outside space...laser forts! In support of our budding film writers and actors, we hosted an acting and singing workshop with Jamie Feinberg and Ross Boyd, and Cole is receiving carving tutorials from Evan Perkins in support of his Capstone Project. OSE students enjoyed a goal-setting outing to Maia Papaya along with delicious smoothies while back at Woodland, several students were learning how to tell time.