Woodland students are Making!

We began the week by picking fresh apples at Mountain Roots Farm. Apples will be pressed and cider enjoyed at our annual Fall Gathering this week. Yum! Other morning activities including walking the Woods Trail, Share, and Flower Art with Farmer Mikaela. Students harvested flowers and greenery and made their own temporary art by arranging the petals and leaves in unique arrangements on white paper. Cooking with Ali began on Friday as did Farmer for an Hour. During Journey, topic selection continued and the students have condensed their ideas into fourteen different categories. Stay tuned for further information as Journey discussions develop student ideas. Students also worked on their skills and their smarts and put on original skits to demonstrate their ideas about what our 2017-2018 School Rules should be. Skits including dancing, acting and rap! Woodland students were joined by Bill and Jeremy from White Mountain Science Inc. as we learned about tinkering and creating and ways we can pursue our personal projects and ideas during the course of this year. A group egg drop activity involved small groups using a limited selection of materials in order to protect their egg as it was first dropped from the porch, and then from a second story window. No breaks! And yet among all the activity during this abbreviated four day week, we still found time for free play!