A close up look at our Pioneering Skills Journey of Discovery



The Pioneering Skills Journey has been all about hard work and perseverance.  Four students started by learning how to use an axe, hatchet, saw, and drawknife. Once they accomplished tasks like splitting wood, felling a tree, limbing branches, and peeling bark with a drawknife, they were ready to put those skills together towards building a model cabin. They worked diligently felling small fir trees for two days and worked as a team hauling their logs back to school. Next came cutting the logs to length and the tedious task of peeling off all the bark. Their understanding of the grueling work the pioneers performed on a day to day basis has grown with each task they have pursued. With some more time and a lot of hard finish work, their log cabin promises to be a great final project in an already successful Journey. Great work Walter, Miles, Pilot and Tyler!