Blast Off!


Woodland Community School

After having chosen our Journey topic of SPACE, we moved into our EXPLORE phase of our Journey of Discovery.  The Blue Chalk room of the school house has become Space Central where books, puzzles, posters, displays and current events about space have been put out as invitations for students to begin their exploration.  Journey began with a brainstorming session on 'What do we know?' 

The rest of the week (and beginning of next week), teachers, guided by student questions, have been /will be sharing information about Space .  Through a variety of resources, (short movie clips, read aloud books, informational texts, hands on activities), students have been gaining an awareness about the topic.  Some highlights of the week included:  Toilet Paper Solar System:  Students measured the relative distances of the 8 planets (sorry Pluto) from the sun using sheets of toilet paper as our 'yardstick.'  Life in Space:  After watching a video on life in space students chose their own 'earth activity' and brainstormed how they would do that activity in space. (e.g. doing a cartwheel, riding a bike?)

We finished our week with a trip to the McAuliffe Shepard Discovery Center in Concord, NH.  Students were treated to an amazing planetarium show called 'The Dawn of the Space Age' and then wandered around the 2 floors of the museum.  Highlights from the museum trip included:  Flight Simulator, Fit for Mars activity, Infared Display, and many other interactive displays.

This week also saw the first of six Music with Mikaela opportunities. Woodland was reverberating with music from voices, keyboards and ukuleles! A culminating musical event is planned for November 20th at which time students may share their musical talents with the Woodland community.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, while our full day students were in Concord, our half day program was in full swing trying to keep up with Eliza! Her morning began at the Littleton Co-Op for a sampling of fruit and a chat with Jane in the deli, a hop back to Woodland to paint a pumpkin, a jump to Littleton for a walk which encompassed three different bridges and musical instruments along the river, and a skip over to Remich Park for swinging, sliding, and other additional active pursuits!