Exploration both inside and outside at Woodland

Farmer for an Hour explored the compost pile this week and several buckets full of “volunteer” vegetables were harvested: carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, dill, gourds…you name it, they found it! In case you are wondering what we did with all the farm fresh food that was harvested, Farmer/Parent Renee turned much of the produce into delicious soup while one student experimented with making a boat out of one of the gourds!

Several students are knee deep in making spooky plans for our Halloween Happenings slated for October 31st of course, though it’s all very hush hush! Students have so far adorned the school with black cats, bats, ghosts and witches, along with a spider web and owls perched in a tree underneath a full moon. Our second week of Music with Mikaela once again filled the building with sweet voices and music inside, while outside the music of hammers hammering and saws sawing continued as our intrepid fort builders added hooks to their newly created closet along with a draw-bridge complete with a repurposed hydraulic hinge.

The first snow of the season brought joy and laughter as children rolled in the freshly fallen flakes, made mini-snow people, and of course initiated a snowball fight! Bike riding continued to be a popular activity as well.

During Journey, students continued to explore our selected Journey topic of SPACE early in the week. Explorations were offered in both Rocketry and Constellations. Highlights from these exploration days included reading about constellations in the dark by flashlight and student created original constellations along with accompanying original stories. Students also explored basic rocket propulsion by creating straw rockets.The end of the week found students reflecting on their week of exploration and generating questions and ideas for how they would like to 'dig deeper' into specific topics of interest. Questions and ideas that were generated included building a planetarium, constructing a solar system, writing a space story, black holes and quantum physics, aeronautic suits, and a in depth study of rocket design and power.

It has become a tradition at Woodland to offer to students the opportunity to complete a “big” hike at the end of our fall hiking season. This year two students jumped at the opportunity to hike the 4-mile Welch and Dickey Loop Trail. They were greeted with spectacular views on a beautiful fall day - what a perfect way to end the week at Woodland.

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