Stitching, painting and climbing!

We began our week with Farmer for an Hour. Our farmers this week made delicious homemade pumpkin muffins which were a warm and tasty treat on one of our more frigid and damp autumn mornings. These muffins paired with freshly squeezed carrot and apple juice were a welcome treat at snack time! Our third week of Music with Mikaela once again filled the building with music, and top secret Halloween preparations continued. Additionally, our busy mornings saw several offerings involving sewing that challenged fine motor skills and were fun all at the same time. One student expressed an interest in knitting and is knitting with a teacher once a week. Our Body Smart Friday’s are now taking place at either the North Country Climbing Center or Evergreen Aquatics as students learn the basics of climbing the indoor rock walls and play in the pools. Three fall birthday’s were collectively celebrated with popcorn and song, while the fort workers added a splash of color to their creation this week. Guest parent reader Brent is reading “Astrotwins” to one of our Read Aloud groups, complete with sample computer bits and pieces to bring the story to life and a beautiful tie in with our Space Journey.

Speaking of Journey, our Space Journey continued this week.  After our week of exploring the topic, the younger Journey group chose to dig more deeply into constellations/stars, the solar system, and rockets.  This week they looked into why the constellations we see in the night sky change each season, created their own constellation stories, and began gathering facts on a planet of their choice.  Next week ideas of creating models of their planets and building planetariums have been voiced by the students. Our older group continued to work on their individual space related topics. With the majority of the group choosing rocket science, they set off to create a series of rockets powered in a variety of of creative ways including balloons, mentos/coke, vinegar and baking soda, etc. Next week will bring more experimentation and refinement of ideas.