Cooking, Machines and Clay

This week’s Journey exploration of simple machines included levers, measurement of force and distance, pneumatics and hydraulics. We traveled to the new space at WMSI for a workshop on pneumatics. Students created rockets, dancing people and a cow jumping over the moon, all powered by their pneumatics simple machines. We wrapped up the week with students being offered the challenge to prove the idea that simple machines actually make work easier. Challenge accepted! Students collected data through several lever and inclined plane experiments and a spring scale, and we all agreed…simple machines make work easier!

Outside play continued with an abundance of sledding and play in the snow. Inside play included construction of a “cupcake robot” making machine and the decorating of several dozen bags for Meals on Wheels. Renee led a morning of jam making, followed by a sampling of jam and butter on cinnamon bread, yum! Our week ended with our first day of ornament making at Littleton Studio School.