Celebrating the arrival of Spring!

After one student expressed an interest in learning more about the first day of spring, the idea of the Signs Of Spring project was born. Starting on Wednesday, March 21st, all those interested gathered in the library and talked about spring and what it means about our planet, the sun, and what happens around us. We looked at the tilt of the earth and saw how our hemisphere is tilted towards the sun in summer and away from the sun in winter, and that the first day of spring is when the hemispheres are equally tilted towards the sun. Each student has a day of the week when they will participate in taking measurements and making observations of the changing outside environment -- snow depth, brook water depth, brook water temperature, air temperature, and observations of the plants around the school. We will continue to take measurements for as long as we can and will gather the data and work together to create some graphs to see what is happening! On Thursday 3/22 the snow was 4.5 inches deep, the brook water was 11 inches deep, and it was 35 degrees at 9:05 am.

We started off our week with the warm smells of freshly made bread as Priscilla Whitney (aka music teacher extraordinaire) brought in her grandmother's Universal Bread Maker which she first discovered at the World's Fair in St. Louis over 100 years ago! Students mixed and kneaded, shaped and tasted. Homemade butter was made and each participating student took home a loaf of still-warm-from-the-oven bread! Our Nordic Ski Program continued at Bretton Woods, as did our on-going Journey discussions. Students found a new use for the honeysuckle out front and practiced their numeracy skills using a variety of tools. Allison from the Littleton Studio School dropped off all the final fired and glazed pottery projects and students all pitched in to gather materials and projects to have available to prospective families at Open House this Saturday. Happy spring!