Anatomy of a Journey


Mining and Gems

Students interested in deepening their knowledge of Mining and Gems are creating a map that will detail the locations of several mineral and gemstone deposits. These students are studying about each gem and/or mineral and are even making their own legend to go along with the map complete with real samples of some of the minerals they are mapping. Particular questions being asked are:  Where is graphite found? What about flouride? Oh, and how about sparkly gems like sapphires, rubies and aquamarines? And what are these minerals and gems used for?



Olivia and Ani are story tellers and are spinning tales during Journey. Each has a completely different process to her writing and each story is unique! Olivia likes to type her work and is using her writing as an opportunity to also practice her keyboarding skills. Ani likes to use speechnotes, a speech to text application that allows her to fluidly "tell" her story. Both Olivia and Ani are spending time on their editing skills checking for spelling and grammar as well as punctuation. They are also using an extensive list of adjectives and synonyms to make their writing come alive. Hopefully, we will have some stories for you to read during Spring Gathering from our budding authors!



Leo is a master at cosplay and is challenging his skills by making his largest cosplay yet! Inspired by the video game Final Fantasy 10, Leo is creating a replica of a sword called Cloud's Buster. The sword is five feet long and because it is being made out of lightweight foam, Leo has created an internal support structure out of PVC piping. Though Leo is one of the  many students who learn best by doing, he is also working on his writing skills during Journey by creating a daily log entry detailing his progress, challenges and successes during this process.  Cole, another student who prefers to work with his hands, is building a scale model of a hoisting engine to show one way in which gold was extracted from mines. Along the way he is choosing to learn about the history of gold mining and mining operations.


The Wild West

Everybody wants to be a cowboy, and this group of students is no exception! Students sanded their pine gun bodies until they were smooth as silk before adding dowel rods for the barrels, PVC for the cylinders, a cut nail for the trigger and hammer, a plumbing bracket for the trigger guard and an electrical staple for the gunsite. Along the way students are learning about tool use as well.  Stories and facts about the Wild West were read by a teacher while students were hard at work. Students heard about legendary outlaws, gunfighters and lawmen such as Jesse James and Billy the Kid as well as Wyatt Earp, Doc Holiday and Wild Bill Hickock. Next, they will be learning about women of The Wild West such as Annie Oakley and Calamity Jane!


The Wild West

After reading about dugout shelters with a teacher, a group of students was curious...what other kinds of houses are there? How does the environment in which one lives determine house type? What kinds of homes were built in The Wild West? This group of students is using pallets to build their own house. They are installing a working door with hinges along with making a handmade rug and curtains for the interior. For some, this is the first time interest has been shown in using tools such as a saw and they are working hard!