Sap's boiling and a new Journey has begun!

After several weeks of discussion, exploration, and considering the big question, "What do I want to learn?" we have decided on a Journey! Students chose either The Wild West/Mining and Gems or Science Fiction/Fantasy to explore for the next few weeks. We have WANTED! posters hanging up around the school, and plans to build shelters with westward expansion and pioneers in mind. Here are some of the other exciting things that the students want to delve into: gold, banks, and inflation; cowboy clothes and weapons, the geology of gemstones and where they are found, and the creation of original superheroes. This week included a trip to the Catamount to see a Taiko performance, a day of spring skiing at Cannon, continuing observations for our Signs of Spring project, and a big pot of boiling sap to begin our spring Farm to Table season!