Spring Has Sprung and Woods Trail Fun!


The tamarack are sprouting on the Woods Trail at Woodland and many other trees are budding out as well. Students are spending the majority of their day outside now that warmer weather has arrived. Some are recording the changes brought by spring such as changing brook depth, changing temperature in water and air, and observing plants newly sprouted. This data is being record on a chart. Some students are tromping out on the Woods Trail and listening to a teacher read to them. Others are taking their books and sitting in the crook of the crab apple tree and reading. Our Farm to Table Crew transplanted seedlings and sent home a 4-pack with every Woodland student. This same crew also cooked up some delicious pizza for an all school tasting, yum! Week Two of the student led kickball offering was a huge success as all participating students experienced the fun of a morning at the field with their peers in a non-competitive environment. We said good-bye to Emma who spent her last day with us as an intern, and we are so grateful for her time and talents this year. Many Journey projects are winding down as we approach the end of the Wild West/Science Fiction and Fantasy Journey. Many of these projects will be on display at our Spring Gathering. The last track and field practice also occurred this week and we wish all the Woodland students good luck at the North Country Track Meet on Saturday running and jumping and having fun!

Students are preparing and gearing up for the WCS  Trail Run for CHaD which is just a few short weeks away! To help race day registration and bib pick up run quickly and smoothly, we encourage families to make their donations or sign up online beforehand at: