Special events and year end preparations!


Students are hard at work and play at Woodland! A fun and energetic day was had by all at Evergreen for Open Gym. Our week also included student led kickball offerings at the Norton Pike field in Littleton and soccer and open play at the Dow Field in Franconia. We welcomed former students, Ayla and Jeb, for an Alumni Day as they led an apple pie baking offering and shared the delicious finished product. Students are collecting their work from throughout the entire year as they prepare their year end portfolios for both Student Led Conferences and Spring Gathering. This process takes time and patience and was balanced with an afternoon of brook play. A group of students spent a morning at the Rocks Estate for a Farm to Table event which included farmers and students from all over Northern New Hampshire. And of course, planning for the Positive Tracks Fun Run in support of CHaD continues as students create medals and signs, and become familiar with the course.