Flowers, Mountains, and Robots!

What a week we have had at Woodland! School is in full swing as we began our Journey of Discovery with Lego WeDo 2.0 robotics. Ahead of creating code for their Lego robot, younger students spent time learning the basics of block coding through 'non-tech' games and activities. The students alternated experiencing the roles of programmer and computer. When they were let loose on the Legos and challenged with creating their robot, their teamwork skills shined. Squeals of delight could be heard throughout the school as they watched their robots follow the code they had written. The olders dove into the project based on a past First Lego League challenge about animals. Each student has chosen an animal to research and create from Legos. Next week, they will move on to exploration of robotics and motorize their Lego creations. Stay tuned!

Offerings this week included Flower Art with Mikaela as students harvested flowers and created artwork out of the petals, leaves, stems and buds. Slime was made using school glue, baking soda and saline solution as students thought about how those 3 ingredients can form together to make a new, sometimes sticky, sometimes slimy substance. Renee took us on a farm tour and showed us around the greenhouses, fields and barns. Last Friday afternoon during our Community Meeting, we spent time reflecting on our Full Value Contract and appreciating our peers in a 'How do We Fill Each Other's Bucket' activity. This week concluded with a splendid September day and a hike up Bald Mountain where we had lunch before circling around to Artists Bluff and back to school.