Goats, Bikes, and Peace


Our week began with Farmer for an Hour and an opportunity to milk the goats! After milking the goats, students participated in the daily morning “walk” of herding the goats out of their pen, across the road and up to their grazing pasture. Farmer for an Hour was completed by having a tasting of goat cheese on crackers for snack, yum! Choice time also saw a student talent show with dancing, a magic act and gymnastics. Our pump track offering was attended by all students, most of whom had never been to a pump track before and we were inspired by their bravery and positive attitudes. Journey continued deeper into Robotics as students constructed, wrote, planned and executed their ideas. We welcomed Mikaela for a Music offering and students now have the opportunity to decide whether or not they wish to commit to music lessons or group music play with Mikaela. Our week ended, as it usually does in the fall, with a hike, this time to Georgiana Falls. Parent chaperone, Brent, talked to the students about what it was like to hike the Appalachian Trail and demonstrated making tea for everyone by using the very same cook stove he used on his own AT thru-hike. Back at school, students created their own peace signs and participated in group activities as a way of celebrating International Peace Day.