Welcome to our new and returning students!

We welcomed old friends and new during our first week of school at Woodland! Students paired up to name the different rooms in the school followed by making original signs to depict each room name. Brook play was offered, students worked collaboratively building forts and bridges in the outside spaces, while inside spaces were full of the sounds of imaginative dress up play, Lego play and blocks. Farmer Sam led us to the field to collect monarch butterfly caterpillars and milkweed as we studied and read about the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly. Afternoons were filled with community building games such as "Line Up," "Cold Wind Blows," and "Helium Stick." Individual time was spent drawing self-portraits and beginning reflective writing answering questions such as Who Am I?  Who Are We? All these activities are working toward a culminating project that will be revealed at the Woodland Cider Press Potluck on Friday, September 7th, so stay tuned!