Mid-January at Woodland


Our offerings this week included skating at the ice rink in Franconia! Students skated or slid on freshly groomed ice, falling, getting up, laughing and doing it all over again. Brent read a story to the group during snack in the warming shack and then the students hit the ice again before heading back to school. Another offering was that of mask making. Several examples of African masks were displayed and those who wished made their own mask out of clay one day, adding paint the next day. We had a special share this week as Emmy brought in her sister Jenna for share! Students continued to maintain and skate on the homemade ice rink at school, make snow angels, and Friday was another fun ski/ride day at Bretton Woods.  

This week in Journey we have jumped into exploring maps.  We have looked at many different examples of maps:  political maps, climatic maps, physical maps, road maps, maps of rooms, treasure maps and even a map to show bird migration.  To support our knowledge of our place in the world, we learned about the compass rose and had loads of fun playing interactive games to support this; one of our favorites was hiding a Lego guy and having students give directions incorporating north/south/east/west.  Learning how to orient ourselves using a compass was also introduced.  We used Google Earth to demonstrate all the different names for the place we live on earth; from planet, to continent, to country, to city, to road, to house.  We had a blast flying around the world.  The end of the week found students exploring different stations laid out around the school.  Some examples of stations included: country flags, coordinates, my place on the map, Google Earth, compass activities and much much more.  Next week we look forward to taking a deeper look at the continents as our Geography and Countries Journey of Discovery continues.