Short and sweet!


Though we had such a short school week due to a weather-related closure and a holiday, students found plenty of time and energy to explore the humongous snowbanks outside! Our resident plowing experts (aka farmers!) piled up the snow and set up the best opportunities for digging snow caves, snow slides, forts, and overall fun. One group of students, in particular, can almost always be found outside during morning Choice time at Woodland. This week they walked on the brook testing the ice thickness, found spots where the water was still running underneath the ice, dug, shoveled, hammered and played. They also got to experience what it might feel like to be a polar bear in a snowstorm as farmer Matt blew snow from a roof, creating a very unique snow squall in our driveway!

Warm and cozy inside the school, some students learned the art of Japanese fan making along with the cultural history behind making fans. Puzzles were completed, skip counting by two’s backward from 57 challenged some, books were read, and lively conversations occurred at both lunch and snack. “Martin’s Big Words” was read aloud followed by students writing a reflection on their own individual special gifts they have to offer the world. During Journey students learned about Antarctica and Australia, while skiing at Bretton Woods rounded out our 3 day week.